Monday, May 24, 2010

turtle-y tidbits & end of soccer season

Porter's 5th birthday party attire completed.
Turtle treats ready for guests.
I'm not letting him turn 5.
Great season boys!
And now we're moving on to T-ball!

5 witty remarks:

Jane Anne said...

Was Colton on your team? I love Portor's short hair. Such a cute cousin pic!

MiMi said...

Stand your ground, do NOT let him turn 5. For all of us mommas who don't like our kids getting older...thus pushing us to old age.
Also, what did you think of Lost?!

samantha said...

I'm sad to see the season end since they were all starting to really get into it. Love the snack bags

Anonymous said...

very cute bangs!

mom2maya said...

How cute are these boys!?!