Friday, May 7, 2010

maybe you can answer these questions for me

1.  How early is too early for a forehead lift?  I've been noticing all of this extra skin sagging on my forehead.  Do you think maybe my skull is shrinking or is my skin expanding?

2.  Why oh why do earaches always begin on Friday nights?

3.  I heard a country song a couple of days ago that went, "you don't treat me no good no more".  Does that actually mean that you no longer treat me good, or you actually do treat me good? 

4.  This has been bugging me ever since I read it in US weekly.  A model had a baby girl named Ciel.  Would you pronounce that "seal"?

5.  Do you think the Zeno Hot Spot really works?  I'm pretty convinced it does, because I don't think Whitney would lie.

6.  Have you ever noticed on Celebrity Rehab that the patients' cigarette smoking increases so much during their treatment that they really should go back to rehab for nicotine addiction once they've completed the initial treatment?

7.  Is it normal to have a sore throat and swollen glands for a month?  I should call my doctor right?

4 witty remarks:

CRAZYMOM said...

You don't treat me no good.

I think it means you only give me good treats, like ice more "bad treats". If it were referring to good treatMENT, surely they would have used the word "well".


Em @ Bunch of Scrap said...

My Opinions:
1. Funny! Well not really... I noticed I get this feeling when I squint in the sun and not wear sun glasses!

2. So no work/school is missed! Duh! LOL - God's way of keeping us on our toes!

3. It means that we have a serious teacher shortage!


5. Doesn't matter you don't need it! You are beautius even with that suggy forhead... lol

6. I think they are just trading an addiction for another one... that show is wacked!

7. um, yeah

Joey said...

No the zeno does not work! I am an esthetician and worked in a spa and for, we quit selling them because of all of the returns.

momof3girls said...

I know why do earaches and sore throats always start after lunch on a friday afternoon!! I hope Zeno works, I saw that they now have a small travel size for almost 1/2 the cost I have been thinking of buying this one