Thursday, May 6, 2010

kids on reproduction

Our friends' dog had a new puppy. 
On the way home from visiting them, Porter and I had this conversation:
Porter: "Is Molly the puppy's mom?"
Mommy: "Yep."
Porter: "Who is the puppy's dad?"
Mommy: "Crosby."
Porter: "Ohhhh, you mean Molly and Crosby got married?"
Mommy: "Right."
My 6 year old nephew Henry has been watching Life on the Discovery channel.
After watching an episode he asked my pregnant sister,
"So who fertilized your egg?"
On the way to dance class I had this conversation with my 4 year old niece:
Me: "How come your mom's belly is getting so big?"
Jacie: "Because we're having a baby."
Me: "A baby puppy?"
Jacie: "No, a baby kid!"
Me: "How did it get in there?"
Jacie: (pause) She ate it.

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Traci said...

How does your family not have a reality show?! Between the 4 (5) kids and you I'm sure there would be a huge audience.... and that's a compliment :)

samantha said...

HAHA I'm with Traci. I'm sure Lori will love this post.

Brooke said...

I want to know how Lori responded to Hank's question! :o)

Brooke said...
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Kristin @ My Uncommon Slice of Suburbia said...

Love converstions with little ones! Thanks for stopping by, enjoy your day!

Denissa said...

HAHAHA!!! I love it! :)

One Love, Two Hearts said...

I want to know what Lori, and the last thing Jacie said was hilarious

familyofsix said...

Talan thinks you have to be married to have a baby as well...I always want him to think that!!
Funny kiddos

Anonymous said...

I love the things kids say! These are my favorite posts!!