Thursday, February 4, 2010

On knowing what suits me

(We like to coordinate with each other.)

So my friend and I were shopping the other day (by ourselves!) and she was like,
"You know how you just know what suits you and you are attracted to those things in the store?"  And I was like, "Yeah, I do."  
A couple of years ago I came to the realization that I need to dress comfortably for my main occupation (Mommy) and appropriately for my age and body type.  The best tip I have learned from "What Not to Wear" is to dress for the body you have, not the body you want.  I don't know why nobody ever told me that before. 
This is what suits me. 
You could call it my "going out of the house and I might run into people I know" attire.  It is used for pick-ups and drop-offs, MOPS, play dates, etc. 
Let's review:
1.  collared shirt.  White is always nice (I have 4), but I like to mix it up with a stripe or polka dot too.  The one I'm wearing actually has tiny grey dots on it. 
2.  cardi.  This is my favorite staple.  I just like layers in general, and I get really excited about a cute cardigan over a collar. 
3.  good jeans.  I am SO the anti-jean snob.  I don't think I've ever spent over $40 on a pair.  I'm way too cheap.  I know so many girls that are all obsessed with their Citizens or True Religions, but I am so out of that loop.  Frankly, I'd rather spend the extra money at Gymboree, but that's another post.  The jeans I have found that are most flattering on my big booty and come in "short" are actually from Aeropostale.  I like to buy them when they are on clearance for like $9.99. 
4.  flats.  A cute pair of flats complete my whole "granny chic" look.  These ones go with everything, but I also like throwing in a bright color every now and then. 
Let's discuss.
What suits you?

12 witty remarks:

MiMi said...

Hmmm. You've seen me in real life now, so I think you know what suits me best: A paper bag.

Tracy said...

It only occurred to me a couple weeks ago that I am still buying "work" clothes instead of "mommy" clothes. (My oldest is 7 - I'm a little slow). So I would like to adopt a "mommy chic" look that involves sweatpants. Is that possible?

MissMisDesigns said...

jeans.. always. Cute print tee and a zip up hoodie. It's not what I want it to be. I would love to have a bit more .. well style. It is what it is - I'm a mom!

jenjen said...

You are so darn cute! Love that whole outfit!

I love to shop and get a good clearance item. I live in jeans every single day. Love them! I love bright colors. I love colored shirts but never wear them for some reason. Love cardis or hoodies and ruffles.

I need to know where you got that cardi - it is a burning question! So cute! Good color for you too!


Sandy, Sisters of Season said...

Never really thought of it that way, dress for the body you have and not the body you want. . this makes so much sense and a whole lot easier.
Thank you! Your blog is too cute, love those kids!

The Mommy said...

If you don't mind me asking, I REALLY need to know where you got your shoes? Love the coordinating outfits!

Laurel @ Ducks in a Row said...

You are a cutie - where do you get your collar shirts?

Kristen Ann said...

I could wear Juicy sweat outfits all day.. and by Juicy, I mean the one black outfit a friend gave me as a hand me down. When I want to get fancy, I throw on a pair of sparkly flip flops with them. ;) I'm soooo classy.

Jenn said...

sadly... I wear my 'yoga' pants and t-shirts .. ;) mostly! I now love My Lee jeans that don't have much stretch in them (what is wrong with designers these days... not all women like stretch) I miss the 80's clothes! ;) Your about me is witty! I like wit!

Kim@Seasons of My Heart said...

You are SO stinkin' cute!! I LOVE the outfit you have on.

Aeropostale jeans...who would have tunk it? I'm not a HUGE jean lover...but I might just have to try these out! Thanks for the tip!

CRAZYMOM said...

I have never tried aeropostle but maybe I should. I am very cheap when it comes to jeans, but I have a lot of them. I like Old Navy. Gap, if I can get them on sale cheap enough.

sara said...

i also loove your look.. what brand are your shoes & collared shirts? i am in need of a makeover here!