Wednesday, February 17, 2010

a mini-makeover plus couples therapy

My cornices are coming right along!
I'm so excited for them.
I love it when I tell Nate exactly what I want and then he gets all official with his graph paper and measures things and draws them to scale.
It really turns me on. 
And when he fires up his power tools...

I hung out with him in the garage and tried to help out by handing him clamps and such.
He gave me a funny look when I called the ear protector things head phones and then asked him if his saw could cut somebody's hand off.
Then I told him that I like him when he acts like this. (You know, when he's building me stuff.)
Maybe our itch has been scratched.

So these were in Porterboy's room for awhile, but I was getting tired of them. Since Nate was mostly working on the big project, I wanted to do an easy little project. I took pictures along the way to show you exactly what I did. (You're welcome.)
PS Don't look too closely at the yellow one.  The brush I was using was a little bit wet and made the paint run under the stencil.  Quit looking!
Aren't they cute?
PPS In case you were wondering I used a sponge brush and black craft paint.  The yellow and blue were old cans of paint I found in my garage. 


10 witty remarks:

The Fair Family Times said...

Love it! Gosh I need to get creative...I've been slacking the last few months! Love the new things you're doin' in his room!

CRAZYMOM said...

crafty, crafty, crafty! Where do you find the time?

MiMi said...

Those are very cute! Don't you love canvases? You can re-do them any time you're bored with em!
I didn't look too close either.

Jane Anne said...

I'm going to just keep telling you this over and over on all of your project posts: You amaze me.

samantha said...

Dangit I just gave a canvas away that I did not like. I need to consult with you first.

Cherry's Jubilee said...

Adorable redo! I am a nut for typography

Anonymous said...

Very cute and great ideas!!

northern cottage said...

super super cute!! Love the displays - very cute & very boyishly manly!!

Mum in Bloom said...

What a great project. Thanks for the inspiration :)

The Neglected Nest said...

I had to LOL at being turned on by your hubby when he pulls out the graph paper. I feel the same way when mine does it! Great job, btw.