Wednesday, January 20, 2010

True Story

Picture this:
Frazzled mom trying to get grocery shopping done with husband and two rambunctious kids in tow.
Puffy face.
Leftover makeup from the day before.
Greasy unwashed hair (in a ponytail no less).
The most unflattering outfit-grey sweatshirt, jeans & Uggs.

And then someone from my past recognizes me. 
I hate that!
Seriously, I haven't seen the person in 10 years and then I see them on my worst day,
and they actually recognize me.
So embarrassing.
Do you want to know how vain I am?
I went home and befriended her on FB so she would look at my pictures,
because I only post my best pictures on FB. 

9 witty remarks:

Anonymous said...

Yep pretty vain. Good thing she didn't see you sprawled out on the couch eating cookie dough out of the bowl watching Biggest Loser in a too short tank top.
Signed, Your Biggest Fan said...

lol that is too funny!

Norma Lee @ Norma Lee Good said...

OH that is THE WORST!! I would have totally be-friended them just so they could see my best too. Wanna hear how vain I am?? This happened to me and I am NOT on facebook but I know my sisters are. I made my little sister post a picture of me because I knew that person would see it. yes. I have no shame.

rebecca @ older and wisor said...

At least it wasn't your ex boyfriend (or maybe it was? never said female or male...hmmm...maybe it WAS).

I ran into my ex boyfriends parents GETTING OUT OF THE POOL AT THE GYM. Talk about wanting to die...

MiMi said...

Oh geez, and they'll see the link for your blog and then they'll read this and laugh their behind off.

Brittany@Superwoman said...

An ex boyfriend stopped at my garage sale while I was still putting things out. No makeup on, wretched clothes that I would NEVER want people to actually see me in, my hair was greasy because it was still 6 in the morning.
I felt like screaming, "THE SIGN SAID NO EARLY BIRDS!!!"
But of course a lady wouldn't do that ;)
So I went in and told my husband that I saw my ex and his new baby, and the baby was ugly. hehe
yes, I'm going to Hell.

CRAZYMOM said...

You want to know how catty I am? If I were her I would be like: "Jill totally Photoshops all her FB pics!"


Kristen Ann said...

Once again, you're my hero.

momof3girls said...

too funny!! I agree I only post good pic of myself on FB and I tell all my friends - True friends do not post ugly pictures of me on FB a theme I live by!