Tuesday, December 1, 2009

A Little Touch of Christmas

This year instead of going full throttle with my Christmas decor (which always stresses me out), I've just been making trips up to the attic and pulling down things here and there. Just not having those huge totes in the living room already has changed my mood. I'm also switching up things I already have. (There will be no purchasing of Christmas decor-except the tree of course.) The theme for this year's holiday is simple, jolly and burlappy. I'm planning on breathing this year and enjoying the magic with my kids...and also not freaking out about getting the loads of decorations put away before the big wedding trip. Ahhh. See, I'm already breathing easier.

I heart my burlap ribbon. This could be my favorite wreath ever. (and it's already turning brown-dangit)

The small one is getting some red berries as soon as I find which box they're in.

My Mom has always said, "When you stop believing, Santa stops coming."
It's true.

We don't have a mantle so the stockings get hung on this dorky thing.

The kids love that they get to decorate (and redecorate) their very own tree.
Porter told me the lion is a Christmas decoration because it has a Santa hat. Smart boy.

I was surprised to find my Mr. & Mrs. Snowman in the attic. I had forgotten that I bought them after Christmas last year for $2 each at TJ's. The Mr. had a broken nose but I fixed it right up.
All that's left is the tree and the house lights...and maybe a few more touches.

4 witty remarks:

Jamie said...

Your decorations are wonderful! I am taking the simplier route this year too. Pulling out my favorite things from all those totes and leaving the rest. Simple is better!

MiMi said...

They look great! I love that you are going more simple, I am too because we're going on a trip and don't want to have too much to do after Christmas. I can't wait to get my cork wreath!! : ) Did you compose your post about meeting me, yet?? I'm sure it will be short and fat, LIKE ME!

Melinda said...

Hanging your stockings on the mantle can actually be dangerous. My six-year-old wanted to move his stocking next to his dads. He pulled on his stocking and the heavy metal holder fell down and hit him on the bridge of his nose. He had to have the skin on his nose glued together by his doctor.

Kimmy @ my beautifully blessed life said...

That burlap ribbon is just darling on your wreath!