Sunday, December 27, 2009

Christmas 2009 (it only happens once)

I just wanted everything to slow down. Way down.
My sister said, "It's Christmas, just let them go crazy."
But I was thinking, "It's Christmas, let's slow down and enjoy it."
Christmas Eve is when we go to my parents' house and the kids open all of their presents from their Aunt and Uncle and Grandma and Papa. It's semi-organized chaos with food, presents and kids everywhere.
When we were little, on Christmas Eve we went to our Grandma's house with all of our cousins. We sat in a circle and opened one gift at a time starting with the youngest kid.
That way there is time to savor each special gift and be able to thank the one that gave it to you. Yes, it does take longer, but that's the point.
So I probably shouldn't have almost made Brooklyn cry by yelling at her to wait a minute while Porter was opening his gift before tearing into her "big present" from Grandma and Papa, but in my defense I've been very sick with a head cold and I couldn't hear out of one ear so I didn't really know how loud I was talking.
I just know how fast these babies are growing up and I want to stretch out these magical moments as long as possible.

This was his only Christmas to be 4 years old, obsessed with dragons & knights, and believe that since he was a good boy Santa brought him what he asked for.

This was her only Christmas to be 3 years old and believe she is a real princess that has Santa wrapped around her finger.

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MiMi said...

Aw geez, so sweet, Jill! You are so right though!

Anonymous said...

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