Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Thanksgiving Art & A Mouse Feast

I am thankful Dad loving me. (Porter age 4)

I am thankful for...
my birthday party, because it was bee-yoo-ti-ful, and all my friends were there.
(Brooklyn age 3)
Porter's preschool had a mouse-size Thanksgiving feast on Monday.
Here is Porter placing a mouse-size bite of clam on each plate.

The kids ate a mouse-size bite of each of the foods served at the first Thanksgiving.
His teachers have the greatest ideas.

A mouse-size turkey (Cornish hen)

Eel (Porter liked it)

He said his favorite was the clam,
but I think it's just because he brought it.
His sticker says "I ate eel"

4 witty remarks:

MiMi said...

Jessica's daughter ate eel too!! EW. I just could NOT eat it..especially after looking at that snakey looking thing in that pan. My boys would probably scream and run! It's good that little kids are getting to try stuff they wouldn't normally eat though.

Wendy said...

Eel, I just don't know if I could do that! Your children are adorable. I loved the preschool years!

The Fair Family Times said...

OH my goodness, if my daughter saw that pic she would have nightmares for months! Actually...I might too! That is awful!

Country Dreaming said...

No thank you to the eel. Everything else looks good though.