Thursday, October 15, 2009

New Old Standbys (It's What's For Dinner)

My mom has these old standby dinners that she's made for years and years. They are the only dishes that I can make from memory because I've seen her make them so many times. I love to take these old standbys and change them up. Here is an example of my doing so.

She likes to call this "taco bake". It's basically a taco casserole.

1. Start with refrigerator crescent rolls spread out in a glass pan.
2. My mom uses browned, taco seasoned ground beef. I used black beans.

3. I also had left over ground turkey from the night before so I threw some of that in there.
4. Next I added some cooked chicken tenders (to ensure my kids would eat some part of it).

5. Chopped onion (my Mom uses this)
6. Roasted red peppers that I really should have cut up (I had a half used jar in my refrigerator).
7. I also threw in some chopped garlic because that makes everything taste better.
8. My favorite part is crushed up tortilla chips and shredded cheese.
9. Bake at 350 degrees for about 30 minutes or so.

10. Serve with a dollop of Daisy and diced tomatoes (and some extra chips).

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MiMi said...

Oooh, that might have to be a new old standard for me too! That looks good!