Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Recent Discoveries

1. Abby is not real.
After each school day, I like to ask Brooklyn who she played with on the playground. Sometimes she says Rylee, but usually she says Abby. While waiting for class to end one day I noticed a bulletin board with the kids' names written on bees. I noticed the Rylee bee, but there wasn't an Abby bee. I asked the teacher if those were all the students in the class (thinking maybe some had started late). Those were in fact all of the students. I also saw an Anna bee. After class I said, "Brooklyn, did you play with Anna today?" Her response, "No, I played with Abby."
There is no Abby.

2. There seems to be a cut on my lingual frenum. I'm not sure how it got there and it's really painful. It couldn't be from talking too much, right?

3. I can remember very specific conversations I had with my best friend in the 8th grade. I remember where we were and what music we were listening to, but I can't remember what's on my grocery list, where I put down my stinking cup of coffee, or what Nate and I even talked about yesterday.

4. Watching "Hoarders" really motivates Nate to clean the garage and attic. It's our new favorite show. I love it (the show and Nate cleaning).

5. I keep getting the ever so slightest tummy ache every time I think about leaving my kids for a whole week.

10 witty remarks:

MiMi said...

When I get Kolton from preschool I ask him who he played with and he always tells me Brooke. I ask him if he ever plays with Payton, the only other boy in there. He says, "Yes, da uver boy is Bwooke. I pway wif him all day wong!" Okay, so the boy is named Brooke, according to Kolton. : )

mama-face said...

#3 haha

Totally get that one. Everyday. :)

Hmmm What is a lingual frenum? Guess I will have to google it. :)

Jen~ Lipstick and Laundry said...

Could Abby be from another class?? Hahahaha Or is she make believe? My son had an imaginary friend when he was 2 her name was "PiPi"... ahhh to be a child!

Anonymous said...

Haha this cracks me up that Brooklyn had an imaginary friend! Ask her to describe "Abby" for you. And as far as the whole Nate "cleaning" business I don't believe it I want a picture!


Kay said...

I secretly love hoarders too ;o)

katie said...

Does Brooklyn go on M/W to Punkin Seed? I know there is an Abby in my cousins class. She's 4 though... maybe she sees her somehow?

Native American Momma said...

I grew-up in a house that could have been on hoarders. Eww

Are you sure that they don't play with another class of kids, or that there isn't a teacher assistant that comes in for like 2 hours ?

I mean it isn't that big of a deal and super cute, but just wondering.

Let it Shine said...

Hi! Just found your blog, wanted to say "hi". Cute ideas, and your family is precious!


jennifer said...

soooo funny!

i remember telling my mom a very elaborate story about playing on a soccer team at recess in first grade. not true. at all.

you make me laugh!

jennifer said...

oh and i love hoarders too. and little people. i'm obsessed with little people. and pageant moms. pageant moms fascinate me.