Wednesday, September 9, 2009

My Go To Blogs

There is a long list of my favorite blogs over there on the right.
Some of them are my BFFs, although they don't know it.
My sister and I are always talking about these girls as if we know them and hang out all the time:
"Oh my gosh, did you read NieNie today? She made me cry."
"Did you know C Jane is preggo?"
"Lark&Lola is having a cute giveaway!"
"I want to paint my cabinets like Edie did."

I always know which ones to browse around for inspiration/ideas/encouraging words and/or winning free stuff.

#1. Sarah
Hands down my favorite place to gain encouragement for the profession I chose.
#2. Chris
She is always good for an organizational tip with a teacher's flair. She recently inspired me to get my adult/child/pet medications in order, and I am truly happier for it.
#3. My favorite Mormon Mommies that make me want to dote on my husband and have lots of babies:
#4. Vanessa and Camille
I love drooling over their quilting skills and being a little bit jealous, while pretending they are my real friends.
#5. They've got mad decorating skills:
#6. Donna, the Junk Mammas, and Candy
They see other people's "junk" as fantastic decor and have no shame in dumpster diving. I get so inspired.
#7 Kelly
I visit her when I need a good dose of "y'all" and monograms. She is so cute and so is her little miracle, Harper.

These are just a few of my favs. I don't post them on the blog roll unless I really LOVE them and am truly inspired by them. You didn't think I came up with all of my ideas on my own did you?

4 witty remarks:

MiMi said...

Oh niiiice, all those names and I'm nowhere to be found. ; )

christi said...

thanks for a great list! some i already read ... some i don't.

Lissa said...

Wow! Such nice things to say about the blogs you love! Really cute!

The Downs family said...

I've got s new one that I think you'll LOVE...

It's a friend of a friend and she has all kinds of tutorials & great ideas. Big time sewer (spell? is that right?) and southern!! :-) Let me know your thoughts!