Sunday, August 30, 2009

Things To Do Before Leaving For...

Remember how I said the worst thing to do to me is surprise me with a trip to Hawaii? Well...the best thing to do to me is give me plenty of notice!
I have one month to prepare for
one week of
sleeping in,
sun bathing,
reading magazines,
and drinking as many mai tais as I would like.

Because making lists is one of my favorite pastimes,
here are the things I need to have done in order to
fly away feeling (a little) less anxious.

1. Schedule Mac to be kenneled Done
2. Make sure Grandma & Papa are free Done
3. Sew dining room curtains
4. Paint kitchen/dining room
5. Organize Porter's closet Done
6. Pedicure
7. Tan Done
8. Colon cleanse
9. Complete Brooklyn's party planning Done
10. Order Porter's Halloween costume Done
11. Paint kids' bookshelf Done
12. Take basket of stuff to store and collect $$$ Done
13. Hang curtain rod
14. On Demand exercise TV every night!

8 witty remarks:

MiMi said...

You suck. Wait! Did I say suck, I meant rock. Lucky! :)

Seth said...

Seriously? You needed to tell us you need a colon cleanse?

Jessica said...

Yeah, you will have to tell me how #8 goes.

Jennifer Johnson said...

Seriously?! We are going to be in Hawaii in one month...I have several of those on my list, too! :)

Kristen Ann said...

ooooh what colon cleanse you using? we were just talking about that :D

Ryan and Lindsey said...

How exciting, Hawaii!! Good for you, you deserve it! Sun, reading magazines, and Mai Tai's sound wonderful!! Have a few for me, oh and you can have that colon cleanse for me too!! :)

Have a fun trip!

samantha said...

Yeah enjoy #8 i'm sure that will go over well! I'll make sure I'm home in case you have to stop for a bathroom break if your on this side of town.

Anonymous said...
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