Monday, August 31, 2009

Interview with my (almost) preschooler

I can't believe this little girl goes to school tomorrow.
She sat down with me to answer some questions about her big day.

Mommy: Where are you going tomorrow?

BB: My school. Will you color me a butterfly?

Mommy: What are you going to do at school?

BB: I don't know. Make spots on the butterfly.

Mommy: Who goes to your school?

BB: Um Bwynley?

Mommy: What are you going to take to school?

BB: My backpack. And Cheer Bear.

Mommy: What is your teacher's name?

BB: I don't know. Miss Lopes?

Mommy: How old are you?

BB: Three.

Mommy: When is your birthday?

BB: Ballerina.

Mommy: No, when is your birthday?

BB: October 9th. I gonna have a ballerina.

Mommy: Who are you inviting to your birthday?

BB: My friends can come to my birthday.

Mommy: Who are your friends?

BB: Layne, Grandma, Papa, Henry, my brother, Daddy, Papa Hod and Nani and Jacie Rose and Layne.

BB: (burps) Excuse me!

Mommy: What are you going to do at school?

BB: I will have three friends at my school. I'm done. Can I watch Strawberry Shortcake now?

Mommy: (sniffling)

4 witty remarks:

Melinda said...

Awww, she's such a big girl. I'm worried Makenna isn't going to be fully potty trained in a week & a 1/2 for her to go to preschool. She's fine if you make her go once in hour, but she won't tell me yet. Help! Any tips?

Jane Anne said...

What a sweet interview. Love it! I'm wondering if my 8 year old would have that much patience to let me interview him. Probably not.

mama-face said...

Ballerina...ohmy how sweet.

Lovely interview. :)

MiMi said...

aaawwww! I'm gonna have to interview mine tonight and see what he says!
His birthday is October 8th and he'll be 4. It's funny how close their birthdays are. :) Except he's like a year older...but you know what I mean.