Saturday, July 25, 2009

A New Attitude + Camping Pics

I'll say it again for the oh... about... 20th year in a row
I. Hate. Camping.
I really do.
When I think about it, I get a stomachache.
I only go 2 nights a year and we just returned from the 2 nights of 2009.
My children definitely don't share my feelings.
They had an absolute blast.
We had a group of 23 and the kids loved running wild with their cousins.
I decided on the loooong drive to the campground that I was going to change my attitude for the three days. I was just going to relax and enjoy myself and treat it like a mini-vacation out in the fresh air away from the chores at home. I pretty much succeeded except for the fresh air part-it gets totally cloudy and stunk up by the camp fire...
one of the things I hate the most.
I also hate being dirty and I really can't stand it when my kids are dirty. My dear, old friend, Erin lives in the same town as the campground and totally saved my sanity. She offered up her "grotto" (really) in her brand new fabulous home. We took the kids there and scrubbed the heck out of them. I even indulged myself. The combination of my changed attitude, Mac's Acepromazine, and both sets of grandparents there to dote on my kids made for a great time.
Here are some of the highlights.

lots of eating,

cute kids,

crazy little Jacie & unimpressed Blanche,
our annual pic with Erin, and
a very DIRTY face!

PS: I love coming home!

7 witty remarks:

katie said...

I hate camping too! Your pics are super cute though... what do you use to edit them?


Jessica said...

Umm, showering and camping=sissy camping. :) You are my kind of girl! I don't like the dust, smoke in my face or using the potties with flies inside them, I'm always afraid of a sneak attack. Yuck. The kids LOVE it though. I just need a camper! Yeah right...

Glad you had fun!

MiMi said...

Ugh. We're going in a couple weeks. I have to remind myself not to freak about the dirt and bugs. Once I get into that, I'll be okay. I think. I'm one of those campers who wants a huge trailer and a dvd player. Sadly, we have a tent. :(

Angie said...

Camping was never my thing either. My idea of camping is being in the motorhome (with shower), eating at restaurants or cute cafes, and looking at the ocean. I grew up in the woods (literally) with the bugs and wild animals, so camping was not an option at that time.

Loved seeing the pictures of happy kids and I think you probably enjoyed most of it.
Love ya,
Angie & Mike

Micah and Melinda said...

Oh camping... we are headed out this coming weekend and ugh! I need a shower everyday and a really toilet... I am with you once a year is enough... why oh why did I marry a farm boy!

samantha said...

I'm soooooo MAD that I missed out on this trip!!! I love going camping with all of you. Instead I suffered at home with a 101-103 temp and vomiting. I'm sure you wouldn't have wanted to trade places with me this year.

One Love, Two Hearts said...

It was so nice seeing you guys again!!! Oh how fun it was!