Monday, July 27, 2009

Makes Mama Happy

1. Watching my kiddos play in sand and dirt and love every minute of it even though I'm cringing.
2. Pigging out the entire time I was camping and then coming home to still see a happy number on the scale. Someone brought "crack" cookies. I mean seriously, there was no hope for me.
3. The smell of sunscreened up kids.
4. Having blog friends that are also real-life friends.
5. Laughing so hard when a little girl at WalMart looked at me and said, "Bow-chicka-wow-wow" and realizing I've still got it.

4 witty remarks:

Lissa said...

#5 made me laugh! Gotta LOVE that!! hubba hubba! :)

Jane Anne said...

I love that you are a blog/real life friend!

Now, I have to find out about "crack" cookies.

MiMi said...

I need some "crack" cookies. I love what Brooklyin said, the indecision starts early huh? And the stuff you made is gorgeous!

Jessica said...

what the heck are crack cookies? sounds addictive! :)