Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Button, Button, My Very Own Button!

I've always wanted my very own button.
And now I have one!
You can wear it if you want to.
And we can be BFFs.
Jessica designed it for me.
She is sooooo cool!

Barnes Yard
Just copy & paste.

PS If you put my button on your blog,

you can have another entry in my contest!

Shameless, I know!

10 witty remarks:

Beth Ann said...

Cute button! It is now on my blog :)

MiMi said...

Oh yeah, your button's goin' on my blog man. She IS super talented, I love that! It's very Barnes Yard-ish!

samantha said...

I've been waiting for you to get a button! Very cute, oh and Jessica who every you are don't even think this gives you a instint win just for making her a button. =)

Jessica said...

Of course I get like 10 more entries! :)

Chandler said...

just added your cute button! I want one too!!

Jane Anne said...

Love the button! Now I really want one.

Chandler said...

BTW...please take note of my recent blog additions...your cute little button and a shout out!! hope you're feeling the love...and Sunday is my b-day (me and grandbeeb) so what a great gift your necklace will make when Porter picks me!

Sara said...

I added it to my sidebar! I'm off to visit Jessica and see her talent.

Anonymous said...

It makes me want to start a blog, just so I can add your button!!!

Shirley Casey said...

Cute button! It is now on my blog!! :O) How do I get one???