Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Showing Off

My Goodwill Stuff
Sarah is having a Goodwill Party!
I love all things Goodwill.
I love showing them off
and I love revealing cheap prices!
I walked around my house and realized practically everything is from Goodwill.
Here are some of my treasures.

An art supply catch-all (with a cute rooster)

Porter's coat rack

a microwave tray and one of the B's

a step stool that desperately needed some mustard paint

2 little chairs that needed some
spray paint and new vinyl seats.
I bought the table from
Romeo's garage sale.

A little boy's desk and a blue basket.
The desk was $10!

A basket and a collection of old baseballs.

Artwork for Porter's room.
($2.49 each-they were half off)

A light fixture and shade found on two different days.

A wooden bowl

A cork trivet

A candle lamp

A sign that I painted and re-worded.

A lamp
It came with the shade and I covered it in fabric.
(It also came with a light bulb-
can't beat that)
A basket for all the little cars & trucks I find everywhere.

A pedestal for a B

My favorite throw pillow.

A wreath

The cupboard door ($7.99)
and the plate

A bird on a stick ($3.99)
and the glass lid thing

Thanks Sarah, for playing Goodwill show and tell!

12 witty remarks:

Tia said...

Oh my gosh! I am inspired and impressed!! Way to go!

Lipstick and Laundry ~Jen said...

You have a TON of awesome Goodwill Goodies!! Jealous!!

MiMi said...

Yep, cute! Honestly, how many school bags does Porter have?! : )
PS My word verification today is woodlegs

David and Amy Sheldon said...

Your mom has got to be soooooo proud!!!
Does Lori love bargain hunts as much as you??
Stop producing new cute headers everyday and making me more envious......

Ashley@AshleysBusy said...

I Love love LOVE that old school desk. And what a nice patina, are you going to paint it? I would be so torn. I also like the bird on a stick, made me laugh.

Reborn said...

Really like the baseballs in the cage thing! I want to do it and I don't have any kids... it would be so cool in a little boy's nursery. I love decorating with unexpected items so I really enjoyed looking at your pics! You have a fun, relaxed style. :)

jennifer said...

very cute. i especially love the baseballs in the basket. adorable.

i was cracking up at your cute profile! i totally agree about the 27 thing.

Marie said...

Oh the little boy's desk! Awesome finds!

jkmoss3 said...

So I realize that posting this comment, I am going to have to shamefully admit to myself that I am a blog stalker and that you have no idea who I am...



Jessica said...

Love it!!

I should do a post like this but mine would be garage sale stuff. Thanks for sharing!

Mama Notes said...

Holy crap. I'm going shopping.

Anonymous said...

Mirror, Mirror on the wall, You are your MOTHER after all - The Goodwill Queen!!!!!! She's gotta be proud :>))