Saturday, June 13, 2009

Before & After Spray Paint Style

Some garage sale goodies I picked up on Friday.
We were hosting our own garage sale
so I didn't make it out to as many as usual.
I found a picnic basket, bed skirt, wood star, vintage hankies, and a birdcage.
I didn't actually buy the birdcage,
but I found it in my Grandma's garage and she gave it to me.

Ooh La La, now it's a red birdcage.
Porter asked me if we were going to put it outside for the birds to live in.
Um no.

The 50 cent rusty basket became red and sits atop the infamous keggerator.
I ventured outside of my normal spray paint colors and chose khaki & Italian green for these.
All three are going to the store...if I don't find a place for them in my house :)

5 witty remarks:

Lipstick and Laundry ~Jen said...

Love the goodies and the transformations!

MiMi said...

Super cute! Gotta love that keggerator, too. : )

Patricia said...

I love the bird cage it is awesome!
I am constantly in awe at the wonders of spray paint!

Jessica said...

Looks like it all turned out great!!

Ashley@AshleysBusy said...

Ha, I love the read birdcage and especially love your kiddo's remark about leaving outside for the birdies. Just darling :)