Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Working Wednesday

Today was working Wednesday but I stayed home from the office and caught up on all my lurking projects. I got so much done that I took two loads to two stores and even had time to mop the kitchen. (pat pat on my back)
Here are pics of a few finished projects.

Just for me

the oomphed up ironing board

I found the vintage doggie fabric in my grandma's attic.

A little side table that doubles as an extra seat.

This little gem was headed for the dumpster.
Luckily my husband had enough sense to save it for me.

(You gotta love a man that knows how much garbage means to you)
I still need to ModPodge down the letters but I wanted a picture now.

Mac and I don't have the best relationship
but he did look pretty darn cute snoozing.

3 witty remarks:

Anonymous said...

I was exhausted just looking at all the project you did today! Very cute and I LOVE the table.

MiMi said...

All your crafting tired the poor dog out! : )
I will NEVER look at trash as trash again after seeing all the stuff you come up with!

Jessica said...

The table is my favorite! Loved all the projects!