Friday, February 13, 2009

Overheard in the Barnes Yard

Now that the Family Bed is officially Mommy & Daddy's bed there have been some pretty deep discussions going on. For instance:

Mommy: Would you eat all of Mac's poop in the backyard for a million dollars?
Daddy: Yeah.
Mommy: I wouldn't.
Daddy: For a million dollars?
Mommy (gagging a little thinking about it): No.
Daddy: Two million?
Mommy (throwing up a little in mouth): No.
Daddy: You could just put it all in a blender with milk and then drink it really fast.
Mommy: Can you imagine what that would smell like?
Daddy: Seriously, you would do it for ten million.
Mommy: Ok I could eat one turd for ten million.

5 witty remarks:

Brooke said...

It's funny to me that the thought of it made you gag when you're the one that asked the question. Congrats on eliminating the family bed! Isn't it nice to have all that extra room???

Seth said...

Jane Anne said she would do it for $250,000.

Jane Anne said...

NICE! He said- you wouldn't do that to pay off our house? I gave him THE LOOK.

One Love, Two Hearts said...

that killed me!!! I can so hear this conversation! It sounds like a conversation Rich and I have had!

The Downs family said...

With conversations like this in the "mommy & daddy bed" it sounds like there should be a whole lot less conversation and a little know!!! ;-) Quit the talking!!! :-)