Sunday, January 25, 2009

Valentines & a Baby Fix

I made these little tags for my very favorite Valentines.
Don't they look cute in the clothespin?

My sister & I had a girl's night/baby fix last night with Samantha and baby Aubrey.

Remember the window I made her? This is what it looks like in her super adorable nursery.

I love, love the stripes.
Ohhhhh, I want another baby girl!

3 witty remarks:

mom2maya said...

Jill, that looks so good! Aubrey is getting bigger too!

Jane Anne said...

I cannot believe you made that sign! Her room is so precious. Aubrey is a sweetie! I was so happy to see her at MOPS last time.

Anonymous said...

Jill just wanted to say again how much I love Aubrey's sign. It is by far one of my favorite things! Oh and would it be to much to comment on how adorable that little baby is? Samantha