Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Note To Soap Opera Actresses

If you ever plan on faking a pregnancy by wearing a prosthetic tummy and then adopting a real baby and passing it off as your biological child, just know that in 2-3 years the child will have some rare medical condition that requires blood or marrow or something of that sort from a biological parent and when you and your husband/boyfriend are found not to be matches, everyone will be in on your manipulative scheme.

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Anonymous said...

Dear blogger,

We have been contacted by a concerned friend that believes you have a potentially damaging addiction to "blogging". Friends may be lost, relationships strained. If you need someone to talk you through your problems please call us at (800)-42-NUTSO


Bloggers Addiction Network

familyofsix said...

I totally agree with anonymous... I must too many kids, I can't keep up with you. How do you doit?

familyofsix said...

see above, I can't even type right?! I love your blog though. Keep up the good work!

Barnes Yard said...

Seriously, who wrote that??? It's not real right?

* TONYA * said...

Love the 1st comment to this ha ha.

There are way too many weirdo's in the world.