Tuesday, December 30, 2008

My Evolution As A Mommy

Sometimes I get the impression that people think I cater to my kids' every need too much, or that I'm setting them up to be non-self sufficient. It is true that I like to do things for them. I feel that is part of my job as their mommy, plus when I do things for them, they get done correctly and much faster. Well today is a new day. For the first time I let Porter choose his own clothes for the day and he dressed himself. (Please note that my own mother dressed me until I was in the 4th grade so 3 years old is pretty young to let him do this himself...I mean he might put the shirt on inside out or something.) Anyway he picked this Pirates of the Caribbean shirt (too big & more of a naptime attire), and he put everything on by himself-even his underwear (they were on backwards).
Next, Blanche wore her My Little Pony underwear (you know I'm anti-character clothing) all morning because she was peeing on the potty like a big girl and she didn't want to wear pants...so I let her run around in just her panties (well she did have a shirt on).
This could be a whole new perspective for the new year approaching.

At least she's modest

His hat choice was a nice touch

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Jane Anne said...

I am so proud of you! Great post.

Gordostyle said...

I'm a little obsessive myself! Dont we, as mommy's, have that right?! :o)