Monday, December 29, 2008


I'm feeling a little lost with Christmas over and done with...all the preparation and then poof-it's all done. My crafting juices were building up so I poked around the house to find some inspiration.

This little glass jar thingy was just sitting in my MIL's garage.

I had some fake berries floating around and...

angel wings-.50 WalMart-Love after Christmas sales
Tie them on with black polka dot ribbon, of course.

These little birdies (.50 at Wally) needed a home and I had one for them.

They fit perfectly in this little nest I swiped from my sister's house.

Oh a .50 Peace sign stuck in there makes it that much cuter.

Things always look better in a bowl, with some moss, and a polka dot ribbon.
This little block has been sitting around waiting to be beautified. I slapped on some scrap paper and a cute little B.
I have had this forever-since we lived at our old house, and I've never even really liked the apples, but I like a chalkboard.
I just scrapped it up a little

and turned it into this. I'm going to add a word but I haven't decided on it yet...HOME maybe?

3 witty remarks:

Jane Anne said...

I love seeing all of your projects! Hey- if you are really bored, I have some wild kids that can run circles around you.

Jessica said...

Those are all adorable! I especially love the block!

Gordostyle said...

There is just nothing like "scrappin" things up a bit! Love it all! I've just got to make that bowl with the "candle" in it next year! So very unique!