Friday, February 12, 2016

Photo Valentines for bigger kids

I've been in love with the photo valentine since the first time I saw the one of the kid holding a sucker, and each year I've tried to one up it.  This year was a stretch because now that I have a 5th grader, I feel like we've done everything.  

Brooklyn  knew that she wanted to give out some type of mini eraser, so we searched "mini erasers" on Amazon and found these teeny tiny flip-flops.  She came up with the pose and the saying.  At first we tried to glue the erasers directly on her feet with rubber cement, but they kept popping off, so this was our last minute fix to the problem-little bags and washi tape.  They still turned out pretty cute.

Since Porter is in 5th grade, and you know, super cool, it's harder to get him to agree to any of my ideas.  Basketball is his #1 sport so he humored me by posing in his jersey.  I made it as non-lovey as possible for him, because that's disgusting

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