Monday, February 8, 2016

Me talking to celebrities

Dear Kim Zolciak Biermann,
I seriously love you.  Love.You.  Love your shows, love your family, love your sense of humor.  I feel like you need a friend in your life (like me) that will tell you that the eyebrows are too much.  Too.Much.  
Love, Jill

Dear Bachelor Contestants: 
When I watch your antics every week, it makes me very embarrassed for you.  It also makes me embarrassed for your mothers.  It also makes me tell my daughter multiple times that she is never allowed to go on The Bachelor.  I can find her a suitable husband myself. 
Love, Jill 

Dear Tyler Henry, 
You are an absolute doll-so innocent and adorable.  I really think that you need to give me a blog reading (is that a thing?!) or facetime me or something because I've been visited twice now in my dreams by a spirit from my past and I need to know what they were trying to tell me!  PS I entered for a free reading on your Facebook page today.  Please choose me! 
Love, Jill

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sharon said...

I really, really need you to post this on FB so my 14 year old can see the eyebrow thing. She says I just don't understand that this is what people do now and it's cool. Help!