Monday, February 24, 2014

I'm going to try this stuff {and I can't believe I'm about to show you this picture}

You guys! I'm turning 35 this year. It's a scary time. It's time to crack down on my anti-aging regimen.  I have a friend that is SO convinced I will love the products she sells, that she sent me my very own to try.  I'm going to use them for 30 days and show you my results.  I'll admit, I'm skeptical that it will work on my mess of a face.  
Let's take a look.  
I'm going to point out my very worst problem areas.  And again, I can't believe I'm doing this on the internet for the world to see (or just the handful of family that actually read this). 

Here we go:
1.  The deepest wrinkles on my face.  What can I say, I move my eyebrows around a lot when I talk.  If this product doesn't work, I'm considering bangs. 
2.  Age spot
3.  Baggy eyelids.  I inherited them from my Grandma and Mom.  Grandma has already had the surgery, Mom is due for it.  I'm next. 
4.  Dark circles.  {I have three kids.}
5.  Weird red spots I developed during pregnancy and they never went away. 
6.  Big wrinkle
7.  Redness
8.  Neck wrinkles 
These are the miracle products that I pray will solve all of my facial problems!

**I've been using them for about 5 days now.  I feel like I look the same, but I have to admit, my skin is feeling pretty great.  I love the tightness I feel when I go to it's really doing something while I sleep.  Sometimes I think I put too much around my eyes because when I wake up, they feel kind of sticky, but it rinses off nicely with water.  

I will keep you updated!  Maybe I'll take a weekly picture to see if there are any improvements. 

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Sarah said...

I can't wait to see if it actually makes a difference (though to be totally honest I see no issues!) I have caught myself thinking "what is wrong with my face?!" recently and then it dawns on's age happening! How depressing...yes, its better than not being around to age at all, but still. Wrinkles stink!

Anonymous said...

I tried it for only 10 days.

I felt like I was wearing wallpaper paste.

I have seen great results on others but have been told once you stop using the produt the wrinkles resurface again.

I look forward to your review!

Anonymous said...

You are beautiful and it broke my heart to see all those arrows on your face. We are all naturally aging. I would try some natural coconut oil instead of all these chemicals. Truly, you are beautiful, and I don't see what the arrows are even pointing at. :)

Jill@Barnes Yard said...

Anonymous, seriously are you trying to make me cry?! :)

Leeza said...

It's a botanical product and plant based so no chemicals! Jill I can't wait to see your updated photo! But I must agree, you look amazing and your "problem" areas are not even noticeable LOL. But the anti-aging is what I love about this, it will keep us looking young!! Anonymous: I wonder if you used water with it? Alot of times people don't, and I agree, it would be like putting elmers school glue on your face.

Glenn Lowe said...

Trying out new skin care products can be scary, because you don’t know how your skin will react on the product. I hope it worked well with you, and that it gave you the result you wanted. But if not, going to a dermatologist would be the best option.

Glenn Lowe @ Knight and Sanders