Friday, January 3, 2014

new year interviews


Porter-Frosted Flakes
Brooklyn-Cocoa Puffs
Gus- "Dad give me cereal!"

Brooklyn-Green and red peppers
Gus- "Gus likes vegetables."

Porter- Orange Crush
Brooklyn- White milk
Gus- Water

Porter- Galaxy Tab
Brooklyn- dollhouse
Gus- Choo Choo

Porter- Super Buddies
Brooklyn- Frozen
Gus- Rudolph

Porter- Jessie
Brooklyn- Haunted Hathaways
Gus- Caillou

Porter- Donkey Kong
Brooklyn- Jenga
Gus- "Big fire engine!"

Porter- Diary of a Wimpy Kid
Brooklyn- New Nanny
Gus- Gus the Dinosaur Bus

Porter- Ixtapa
Brooklyn- McDonald's
Gus- "I not want restaurant."

Porter- Christmas
Brooklyn- Valentines Day
Gus- "Choo Choo!"

Porter- Shark
Brooklyn- Koala
Gus- "my homework!"

What do you love most about your Dad?
Porter: He plays with me.
Brooklyn: He keeps us from dying.

What do you love most about your Mom?
Porter: She makes me food.
Brooklyn: She lets me sleep with her at night.

What do you love most about Porter?
Brooklyn: He lets me play his DS

What do you love most about Gus?
Brooklyn: He lets me play with his tools. 

What do you love most about Brooklyn?
Porter: Nothing.  She's mean.

What do you love most about Gus?
Porter: Playing basketball.

Where do you want to go on a vacation?
Porter: Disneyworld
Brooklyn: The beach
Gus: "My arm!"

What is your wish for 2014?
Porter: That we will move to a new house.
Brooklyn: I wish that I was a mermaid.
Gus: "My wish...Luna!"

2 witty remarks:

Jennifer, formerly of WC said...

Thanks for the laugh! I love the spastic answers that you got from Gus. Such a great age for spewing funny nonsense. I hope he enjoys his arm for vacation! :)

Jane Anne said...

I love kid interviews. Great job! Poor Porter, having to play with that really mean sister of his. ;)