Sunday, November 24, 2013

Notes to Self:

1.  Remember that one time where you practically stopped blogging altogether?  What the heck?  You were way more crafty when you knew you had a post to write.  Get on it.

2.  How did you just find out that Nate's razor works, like, a million times better than yours on your bikini line??

3.  Don't mention this to Nate because he might not want you using it.

4.  All you need to get yourself in the Christmas spirit is...

this shirt(Nate's) and "All I want for Christmas is you" (Mariah's).

5.  Just because you aren't divorced doesn't mean you can't make your hubby take the kids for Dad's weekend.  I mean, you deal with them alone all week long.  There.  Did it.  They're at the ice cream parlor and were specifically told to not come back for a long time.

6.  Your homemade gifts for your friends are going to be so awesome this year.

7.  When your elderly dog pees at least 5 times per day (even after being let out a lot) on the floor, I think that means he's dying, right?

2 witty remarks:

sharon said...

So sorry your doggy is not doing well. That is hard to take no matter what time of year. Set up your tree and take some pretty pictures to remember him by for his last Christmas. My heart is sad for you. I've been through it twice and am now loving our new dog, Chloe, but I'll never forget Lucky and Frankie! Give your doggie a hug for me.

Heather L. said...

Ok I need to know what your homemade gifts for friends are! I need ideas =)

PS - I hope your doggy is ok =(