Monday, August 12, 2013

This body is too old to try to party like it's 1998!

My 15 year class reunion was over the weekend, it was a three day event, and it was just beyond fun!  

At our 10 year, I remember everyone talking about what they do for careers, talking about their kids (if they had them), basically just a lot of questioning each other.  This time, we were just reliving our youth and being silly!  
This old body didn't hold up so well.  It's been a LONG time since I've danced until 1 AM, and I've got a cracked, ready to fall off toenail to show for it!  I know, eww! 
We made some great memories and I really, really can't wait for our 20th...we're even talking about throwing a 16th next year!

Hostess toast!
One of my very best friends in high school

We all went to the same grade school
I love her as much today as I did in high school!

It may take me a whole week to recover!

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samantha said...

I'm all for a 16th!!