Monday, August 5, 2013

our weekend

I finished Gone Girl and I just could NOT put it down!  It was so creepy and I just loved it!  Great summer read.  Also, I am dying for the movie now!  The girl above that I don't really know is playing Amy.  I really really pictured someone more like Gwyneth playing her, but I think that girl fits.  Ben Affleck is playing Nick.  Eeeek I can't wait!

My little baller played in the annual summer Hoop Jam.  They were 3-1 on Saturday and lost in the championship bracket on Sunday.  Love these boys!

Brooklyn performed her tap routine for the first time on Sunday.  They are just little dancing dolls!

The Barnes family has it's newest member!  Abigail Louise arrived on Friday.  Congrats to my Sister and Brother-in-law, Audrey and Jeff!

2 witty remarks:

samantha said...

Cute picture of the baby. I can't wait to see gone girl!!

Em said...

You had me at Ben Affleck...