Thursday, August 15, 2013

Makes Mama Happy

1.  How Gus runs everywhere.  He is always in a hurry.
2.  Gus insists on wearing shoes to bed, and even when I think he's finally asleep and I sneak in his room and try to slip them off, he starts saying "" with his eyes closed.
3.  When you ask Gus what his name is, he says "Gussy Barnes".  When you ask him what my name is, he says "Mommy Barnes."

4.  SCHOOL SUPPLIES!  I love buying school supplies, they just scream "fresh start"!  But, you know what?  My favorite school supply of all time is the pink eraser, and this year, there are no pink erasers on the lists!  The school wants these special white erasers....whaaaa?  It kind of broke my heart a little.

5.  We have been all about Teen Beach Movie around here, what about you?  I find myself constantly singing "I know what boys like, boys like girls like me..."  I caved and bought Blanche the Teen Beach Movie Barbies because they are so stinking cute and it made it her happy. 
These two have been singing a lot of duets around here!

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