Wednesday, July 10, 2013

A day in my life

Brooklyn wiped herself with apparently 3,000 baby wipes and then flushed the toilet.  I had to plunge that thing for like 30 minutes.  Why does my husband make plunging look so easy? 

My blind, deaf, and dumb dog (13 years old) murdered a possum in my garden while I stood in disbelief and watched.  My shirtless, gloved, and bat wielding husband also stood there frozen.  It was the most disgusting act I've ever witnessed and I still don't understand how my dog could even see the stupid thing.  It was his second kill in 10 years, the first being a mouse in our garage at our old house.  

My friend dragged my jiggly butt out of bed at 5 AM for my first ever Zumba class.  I have to admit the hype is all really is fun.  

I was installed as the 2013 Treasurer for our local Elkettes!  

2 witty remarks:

sharon said...

Just another typical day... At least your life isn't boring. :)

April G said...

I know I shouldn't laugh, but my 4 year old cannot be left to his own devices in the bathroom or he'll go through an entire thing of wipes and half the roll of toilet paper after doing his business. I feel your plunger pain.