Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Valentine roundup

The Valentines I made with my kids this year are SO CUTE, but before I show them to you I thought we'd take a look at some we've done in the past: 

How cute is this little Valentine flashback?
{dinosaur Valentines with rock candy and dino fruit snacks}
{Star Wars Valentines with Orbit gum}
{Star Wars Valentines with Starburst and a Milky Way}
{hand sewn candy "pillows" stuffed with M&M's}
{candy bouquet for the teacher}
{"Bear Hugs"-Teddy Grahams and Hershey Hugs}

{Pinterest Blow Pop Valentines}
{Blow Pop flower Valentines}
{King size Hershey bars for teachers}
{Candy "sundaes"}

Now you can pin these and flatter me! :)

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Tiffany said...

Oh, goodness, these are all adorable and that pic at the top is so stinkin' cute!