Tuesday, February 26, 2013

more unsolicited advice to celebs

Dear Kim K:
you already gave love marriage a bad name, now you're giving pregnancy the same.  You look dumb.  Go to Motherhood and get some real maternity clothing.  Or better yet, call Jessica S.  She can give you some tips. 

Dear Chelsea from Teen Mom 2:
If you keep styling your hair the way you do in every episode, no one is ever going to make an appointment with you once you graduate from Black Hills Beauty.  Also, you may have chosen the absolute worst frames to go with the shape of your face.  Go back to Walmart Optical and choose again.  Better yet, stick with your contacts. 
Dear Lisa V:
Yayy for DWTS!  I can't wait to watch, although if Taylor was a contestant, it would be way more of a hot fun mess.  PS: why wouldn't they hire Kyle?  She didn't get the nickname Splits Richardson for nothing.

2 witty remarks:

Kat said...

haha! love these posts:)

Peace Love Applesauce- Terri said...

I'm so over Kim K... you'd think Kourtney would give her some tips!

I once thought Chelsea was the cutest. But she really needs to leave her hair alone before she goes bald.
PS. My specs are from Wally World, hush it!

Lisa V is my favy favvvv!