Monday, January 21, 2013

Happy No School Holiday

I wonder if home school kids get today off...they should. 

Sometimes I like to do little projects from Pinterest just so I feel accomplished over a lazy weekend, you know what I mean?

I'm super proud of myself for doing these two:

for the kid with the abscessed tooth :(

Brag moment:
Barnes kids
Students of the Month for January!
Here are Libbs and Gus sitting in my beloved rocker.

When I was pregnant with Porter, Nate bought me a rocking chair from Toys R Us.  I've rocked all my babies in it.  It's been painted and recovered, and I love it for the memories of just me and my babies...

Here is what is left of it. 

Let's just say...
my Brother-in-law.  leaning back.  wood splintering.  crashing to the floor.  so sad.

I'm putting together a crafty plan to keep it's memory alive!

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sharon said...

so sad about your rocking chair. Can't wait to see what your crafty plan is.