Sunday, December 2, 2012

That dang ruffle tree skirt all over Pinterest

You know the one. 
Everyone and their dog is making it. 
And judging by Facebook updates, it's only taking them 3 hours. What?

This is my progress after one episode of each: 
Teen Mom 2 
Duck Dynasty 
First you cut out a million-bazillion 2" strips of fabric. (All of mine I already had so I didn't have to buy any-score!)
Lay out your Dollar Tree tree skirt.
Then just start hot gluing ruffles like a mad woman.  I made up for the free fabric in hot glue and bandaids.
When my neck couldn't take any more of sitting on the floor hunched over, I sat in my rocking chair and made a little ornament for my friend.  I hope she likes it!

3 witty remarks:

The Charbeneau Rambler said...

from your starting point it looks too cute!! great color choices!

Denissa said...

It looks amazing!! So pretty :)I hate it when it looks and sounds so easy until I make it!

samantha said...

The tree skirt turned out great! I'm on a mission to make one for next year.