Monday, September 3, 2012

true story

1.  I have so not been in the blogging zone this whole summer!  Now that school is starting (Wednesday!) I'm hoping to get back in the groove!

2.  Whenever Nate takes the kids to do something (like bowling right now, for instance), instead of cleaning the house like my plan usually is, I just end up wanting to take a nap because it's so quiet. 

3.  I had a mini-heart attack when I realized Brooklyn's first soccer game is on Saturday and we don't have her uniform yet, therefore I haven't made her custom hair bow to match yet. 

4.  I think it would be kind of funny to actually be "in labor" on Labor day. 

5.  Yesterday I perfected a quick cleaning solution:  A few minutes before your high school BFF comes over, take everything on the dining room table and kitchen counters and put it in a laundry basket.  Then, hide the basket in the laundry room.  

6.  Sometimes when I'm watching The Real World on demand at midnight when everyone else is asleep, I think to myself, "She should not have said that, I would have said this" or "I would never do that, I would have done this"...and then I remember that I'm 33 years old. 

7.  I like to tell people that I'm one year older than I actually am, because then they are more likely to say, "Oh, you don't look 33 at all."

8.  I have a love/hate relationship with Pinterest.  I found a first day of school teacher gift for my kids to bring, but since it's on Pinterest, I have a feeling 10 other kids will bring the same thing. 

9.  I wish I could tell my younger self that my biggest concern at this point in my life would be which teacher my 2nd grader was going to get.  

10.  We paid off one of our houses.  I'm seriously impressed with my husband's financial smarts. 

11.  Married to Jonas: kind of cute.  Taylor Swift's new song: kind of love it.

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