Tuesday, June 26, 2012

so it turns out that caterpillars don't have live babies and bite their heads off

A bunch of randoms here...I'm really all over the place these days!
*Sometimes I'll be watching some kind of birth show and think to myself, "Ughh, I could never do that", and then I remember that I already did it three times, and then I think, "Did I really do that three times?  Wow, amazing!" 
*I've had the Cricut out the last couple of days so I've been vinyling things.
*Porter has been in tennis camp this week. 
*I've been drinking the PW's iced coffee like crazy!  Sooooo good!
*Brooklyn has been keeping a watchful eye on this caterpillar.  One morning we checked on it and it looked to me like it had a baby in the night and bit its head off.  After some google research I discovered that's not exactly what happened. 

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