Tuesday, June 5, 2012


That moment when you get the air conditioning vent in your car in the exact right spot to blow directly through your sleeve to your armpit.

kid shows I will tolerate:
Good Luck Charlie

kid shows I can't stand:
ANT farm

Why hasn't anyone invented glow-in-the-dark binkies???

 Porter got a new (to him) bed.  Eventually Gus will sleep underneath!
I've been spraying my legs with this stuff.

Sometimes my kids get confused.  Like when I tell them to do something, they think I'm asking them if they want to do it.

2 witty remarks:

samantha said...

Cute bed. We just had to take apart the bunk beds because neither wanted to be on top. Plus don't you wish the mom from Good Luck Charlie could be in our MOPS group? sigh

Denissa said...

Too funny about the a/c vent! haha..I can't stand Jessie, but we love ANT farm! But the other 2 feel the same. LOVE Good Luck Charlie!
MAM makes glow in the dark binkies, check Target.