Monday, June 11, 2012


1.  Waking up to this face every morning.  We thought about moving his bed into Porter's room, but I would miss this too much!

2.  When kids come over and call me Mrs. Barnes.  It makes me feel like I'm on Leave it to Beaver, except for instead of wearing a cute dress, I'm wearing pajama pants.

3.  Deliveries from Amazon that someone else ordered for me!  Thank you Kristin for these!
We've been making our own push pops and it is so much fun!

4.  The summer list is up! (I'm sure we'll be adding to it.)

5.  When blogging brings people together!
I received an email from a reader in Idaho who recognized the picture of Porter at school.  It turns out her nephew and Porter go to the same school!  The kids know each other too!  Isn't that cool?

6.  My order from should be here today!  I'm revamping my patio!

2 witty remarks:

Anonymous said...

I LOVE that I made the list!!

msknott said...

It is such a small world. My nephew is in Idaho for the week with is and we have talked about it numerous times. He gets a big smile on his face each time. We looked at the blog together and he says, "the Boston birthday gifts rock!"