Tuesday, May 29, 2012

overheard in the Barnes Yard lately

Porter: "A kid at school says that hotdogs are made out of fingernails and butt cracks."

Brooklyn: "Gus crapped again."

Brooklyn: "Mom, how many pageants did you win when you were a kid?"

Porter: "How old is God?  Did you know Westbrook is 23?"

Porter: "This tastes like poop...but kind of better."

Daddy: "That cooking spray probably causes cancer and AIDS and other stuff."

Porter: "Do I get a cup for my wiener for baseball?"

2 witty remarks:

Melinda G said...

This is one of my favorite parts of you blog...out of the mouths of babes! Shy & I are bored and I read them to her and we had a good laugh:)

Kat said...

Oh my word! Love all the references to poop! So glad that kid at school solved the hotdog mystery. This made me laugh:)