Monday, May 14, 2012

I'm totally pro-breastfeeding

but this just cracked me up.

Since everyone (on Facebook) seems to have an opinion on breastfeeding an almost 4 year old, I just wanted to throw in my good old two cents.  And it's really just a question:  Why is it recommended that a baby be off the bottle by around one year old, but not the boob?  A pediatrician would definitely be against a three year old still drinking from a bottle...isn't a breast kind of the same thing?  I completely agree that breast milk is super food, so why not just put it in a sippy cup?  
That's all.  It's just been on my mind for awhile. 

I hope all the Mamas had a fabulous Mother's Day!

2 witty remarks:

The Beavers said...

SERIOUSLY!!! If it is all about the breast milk...a sippy cup will do the trick! To each their own...but I am not "mom enough" and I'm totally ok with that.

Jessica said...

Whatever people want to do....I mean, I think it would be a better option to pump and put in a cup. Cause we switch the kids to cow's milk...why not the milk that was made for them? Not that I would pump and put in a cup because I'm too lazy. Cow's milk for my kids. :)

What doesn't sit well with me...putting this poor child on a magazine cover. This will haunt him for the rest of his life. I can already see the teasing. :(