Tuesday, May 1, 2012

the Barnes Yard does Disney

My very favorite souvenir from Disneyland!

Well we survived it. 
The magical place of Disneyland. 
6 kids and 6 adults
and we only lost one (kid) along the way.
 They all meet Pluto.
I SO get into the magic of Disneyland.  You really can't help but feel like a kid, no matter how old you get.  
Each night in our hotel room I would look up all sorts of blogs featuring fun facts and secrets of Disneyland that I liked to relay to Nate as we were walking around. Then I decided I wanted to work there.  But we live in Oregon.  
My look-alike princes the night before our first day at the park.
 Ariel's biggest fan

My sister and I arranged for the girls to have breakfast with the Princesses.  Totally the best idea ever for girls that love all things princess.  And the food was pretty good!
Brooklyn's dream come true!
 "Well hello there, Gus-Gus!"
 Thank goodness the Gus Man is an angel baby.  We put a ton of miles on this stroller!
The best part for me was watching Brooklyn's reaction to everything.  She was the perfect age to bring...except for when she couldn't walk because her legs hurt...and when she threw a tantrum in line...and when we lost her...
 His favorite ride that he never wants to go on again!
Porter is sort of stuck at that age where he thinks certain rides are for "babies" but he's a little scared of others (even though he tries to pretend he's not).
 The last time we went, Alice was my favorite character that we met.  This time it was Tinker Bell.  She was adorable.
 The littlest Mouseketeer
Dance party with Phineas and Ferb 
 It's a small world after all.
I'm a little confused as to how her hair grew long again. 

We are so lucky that we have my parents to:
1. Take us to Disneyland
2. Drive our luggage so we don't have to check any bags
3.  Push babies in strollers so we can go on rides with big kids
4.  Take any kids that are melting down back to the hotel for naps 
They are the best! 

a few more pics
I got to meet up with my high school friend that I have not seen in over ten years, and Brooklyn got to spend the day with her daughter, Lilly!
 We got him on the waiting list.
We had so much FUN! 
I think we'll take a couple of years to recover before we go again!

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Kelli @ RTSM said...

It looks like everyone had a great time! I love all the princess pictures! That is one thing I never get to do when we go to Disney...my boys refuse to take pictures with any of the princesses.

Natalie Burke said...

It looks like you had so much fun!! Brooklyn looks pretty excited about all the Disney magic. :)

Melinda G said...

Good pics! We didn't get to see that many characters! Lucky! Looks like you had fun:)

Denissa said...

So fun!! Great pictures :) Totally agree with no matter how old you are you feel like a kid there!
The last time we went one of the boy's was freaking out about something and my hubs said "How can you be mad at the happiest place on earth?" haha..

Jane Anne said...

Where did you stay? And, where did you get the silhouettes done? I have always wanted to do that for the kids. I cannot wait to go to Disney. I may be more excited than my kids.

(I LOVE seeing all of these pictures!)

Jane Anne said...

One more comment... we just made our hotel reservations and I am officially excited. We are going in August. I'll be checking out your Pinterest Disney board but please email me any MUSTs. None of us have ever been! I can't wait!!