Tuesday, April 3, 2012

I know what she is...but she doesn't know it yet

 Oh my tiny dancer.
She's been a dancer since she could walk.

And it's not because I was a dancer.
She's just an all around born performer.

She's five, so she doesn't know it yet.

This is an example of how my parenting of Porter and Brooklyn differs.
With Porter we've let him play any sport he chooses to see if it's a good fit for him. 

It's different with Brooklyn.
We put her in dance as soon as she was potty trained, because, well, I kind of always wanted to have my own little dancer girl. 

And she's good.

The girl has rhythm.
She's more of a free-styler, as opposed to taking direction from her teacher, but she totally has the natural ability.

So last fall, she wanted to play soccer.
We let her play soccer.
She is not a born soccer player.

She still wants to play soccer.

Last week, after I signed Porter up for baseball, I realized she is old enough for T-ball. 
It's hard for me to imagine her playing T-ball.
I remember Porter's first year with T-ball, and watching the girls on his team try to hit the ball...It was painful.
I don't want that to be Brooklyn.
Nate thought we should just ask her what she wants to do.

She wants to play T-ball.
She says she is good at it.

I feel like this is a big moment in parenting and I'm confused.
Do I make her do what I know she will succeed in, 
or do I let her do what she wants to do when I kind of know she won't succeed.  (Am I a bad mom for saying that I know she won't succeed?)

Just when I think I'm getting the hang of this parenting stuff, something else always comes along!

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Cassie @ Primitive & Proper said...

emmy is the same way- dancer/performer/not very athletic... she wanted to try soccer one year. she tried it and it was not for her, but i felt like i should give her the chance to try for herself. and even if she had not been a natural but had loved it, i would have allowed her to continue. with many athletes/actors/singers/dancers.... they are born with one of two things... a god given talent or the determination to work hard and train and be pne of the best.

Anonymous said...

Having success is good but not being successful is part of learning. Let her try a multitude of things she will sift out what she wants to do and is comfortable doing.
She is old enough to rebound from things now. You will not always be able to make her choices for her. Let her be a kid.

Mom of two kids one 32 one 37!

Anonymous said...

Being a mom is hard...we never want our kids to fail or feel like a failure, but as moms we need to put our own fears aside and give our kids a chance. If she's excited to play t-ball, let her. Give her the freedom to try and grow. Your daughter will be better for it and so will you for knowing you gave her a wonderful opportunity :)