Thursday, March 1, 2012

thrifting & crafting as a way of escape

...because sometimes Brooklyn's room looks like this.

OKAY, OKAY, DON'T TURN ME IN TO DRESS-UP CLOTHES HOARDERS!  I know it's bad!  (Real hoarders don't think they have a problem.)

Let's play I Spy.
I spyyyyyyy...
a mini Cinderella snow globe, 
a Dora lunchbox,
a sparkly headband,
and a Mater washcloth
PS: It DOES NOT look like this anymore.  I promise.

But, when it did, I went on a little shopping trip to my local thrift shop.
And lucky for me that I did, because the whole store was 50% off!  These are my scores!

It was a nice day so I started spray painting right away.
The mail holder got a coat of the super cheap WalMart white spray paint.  Then I roughed it up a little with some sand paper.
And, since I'm the proud new owner of a Cricut, and I can't put enough vinyl on things, I cut out some numbers and stuck those right on. 
I found the perfect place for it next to my front door!
I had the spray paint and vinyl so my grand total was $2.50!

And, Mom, I promise, her room is clean now!

3 witty remarks:

Kelli @ RTSM said...

Our dress up clothes explode like that sometimes too...but my boys don't have quite that much:) That mail holder turned out so cute! I went through a stage when I wanted to put vinyl of everything too!

Lucy said...

Before pictures are the best. I would love to see the after! This makes you normal and makes me feel normal so thank you!! Cute stuff!

bamboo longboard

Anonymous said...

Ok, please tell me when/if she decides she is done with that adorable pink kitchen! I am dying to have it for Kourtlyn! -Mikayla