Wednesday, March 21, 2012

party like a one year old {sock monkey style}

Here are my favorite pics of the Gus Man's big day:

"We meet again."
This is pretty much how he felt about picture taking that day.
the cake table
party favors
Another cake by DeAnn
"What do I gotta do to get some cake over here?"
(Yeah, just not really into the picture taking at all.)
Big Sister
Big Brother
Jacie loves her cousin
Gus and his lady friends
"Yes, just what I wanted!"
He likes cake.
Really likes it.

3 witty remarks:

colby, meredith, caden, & carter said...

Adorable! I love the cake table!

Denissa said...

Everything turned out ADORABLE!! The Gus man is TOO cute :) love how everyone's outfits were all coordinated!

-G- said...

these pictures make me excited about hudson's upcoming 1st birthday. which is good, because usually thinking about it brings me to tears, LOL.