Thursday, March 8, 2012

do you "virtual" garage sale???

It's the hot new thing in my town!

Someone (a genius) started a group page on Facebook for a virtual garage sale.  You can list pretty much anything you want to sell.  The first person that comments on the picture has first dibs on the item.  The stay-at-home-mom crowd is running wild with it!  Now, all over our little town you see minivans pulling up in store parking lots to exchange merchandise and money.  
I'm trying to sell more than I buy, but here are a couple of things I've scored.

This table...I'll show you what I did to it!
And how cute are these shoes?
I gave it a chalkboard top!

Still in 1st Birthday Party mode over here!
I'll show you some progress tomorrow!

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colby, meredith, caden, & carter said...

LOVE the table makeover! Where is the virtual garage sale located?