Tuesday, February 21, 2012


Brooklyn watches an old cartoon movie called The Princess Castle where a mom is constantly scolding her little girl for daydreaming.  The little girl seems to be about 8 or 9 and the mom leaves her alone to babysit her baby sister...it's weird, anyway,

I have been daydreaming as of late. 

Do you ever go into a house and find yourself thinking, "If I lived here, I would do this, and this, and this..."?  Recently Nate and I looked at a house for sale.  It was a vintage wallpaper lover's DREAM!  I can't get the house out of my mind. 

The kitchen had orange (like orange orange) countertops and backsplash, all of the light fixtures were fabulous 70's finds, there were super dark wood built-ins everywhere, and the icing on the cake...a laundry chute from the second floor down to the laundry room.
And the thing is, it's so not me.

It only has two bedrooms for goodness sake...although there is plenty of garage space (4 car) to add a couple more.  It needs a complete overhaul, and I want to take that on!  Maybe it's because I know I'm done having babies and I'm ready to produce something else-who knows!

I've been dreaming up exactly how I would decorate each room, picking out curtains, flooring, and paint colors.  I've even been pinning ideas for the kitchen remodel.  

Nate says, and I quote, it's a pile. 
I want the pile!
It's also on 4 acres with the most amazing backyard and Nate and I both said we could imagine Brooklyn having her wedding back there someday.
If only you could see the texture of that wallpaper...

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Simple Dwellings said...

I often scour local real estate and wonder and dream too! Happy to find another that does the same thing! :) It's so fun to daydream about how you would change a space!

Kat said...

Totally do that everywhere I go. Mitch gets in on the action too sometimes...we were sitting in a local restaurant and he said, "What would you do differently here?" And we proceeded to makeover the whole place before we got our dinner. Four car garage?? Okay, now you got ME excited about this house!

Joey said...

We bought a 1981 fixer-upper. it was super ugly! thankfully my husband is handy and I love pinterest :) We have a 3-year-old and a 11 month old. We still have tons to do, but I love having these challenges. And it is definitely a challenge. Most people look at me like i've lost my mind when i'm telling them how I am painting a wall or changing a door knob out while the kids nap...but, I LOVE seeing the progress! I think I would lose my mind staying at home and not having goals lol. I think you should go for it!